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For the last 38+ years, Bill Vineyard has treated thousands of people struggling with addiction as an alcohol and drug counselor. Want help getting clean and sober? Worried about a family member or friend's addiction? Tune into The Recovery Effect Podcast to hear the stories, studies, and sober coaching tools he's discovered trudging the road to recovery.
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May 8, 2021

When things seem impossible, use this technique to make the impossible possible.

Nov 27, 2018

Other than my podcasts on "Powerless" and "The Highest Thing A Human Being Will Ever Know," I believe this message is the most important one contained in any of my podcasts. This podcast not only reveals the problems of Depression and Anxiety but discloses why we are unable to achieve the things in life that we want. It gives you the solution to your problem and places you in a position that you have to make a decision.

Oct 29, 2018
This episode explains the steps it takes to "come to believe" in a Power greater than yourself. It addresses how God reveals Himself to you instead of you being required to make God up. A must listen too for those who are experiencing problems with connection to or having a relationship with God.
Sep 28, 2018

Learn how to use God's strength through his grace in everyday problems other than alcohol. You will see that God's grace is sufficient for any problem you encounter. This podcast will give new meaning to the words "let go and let God." 

May 29, 2018

If you want to GET sober, you’ve got to work The Program. In order for you to STAY sober, you must continue that same work. Learn more about sustaining your spirituality and sobriety by seeking the right source of power (and always remaining connected to it).

Dec 31, 2017

Before you can get clean & sober, you have to transform. This can be a single profound moment or a gradual process, but it will change your life forever. How does this happen…and why is it required? Listen as we explore this change–and the unexpected results it brings into your life.

Oct 30, 2017

Emotional Sobriety 4 is the conclusion to Emotional Sobriety 3. It provides the listener with 2 methods to remove the blocks that prevent one from achieving the goals they have set in their life. No true happiness will ever be achieved until these blocks are removed.

Oct 16, 2017

Consider this episode a "Sober Intervention". Why? Because recovery isn't always a bed of roses...the 3rd segment of Emotional Sobriety will show you how to pinpoint what's holding you back from living a life of all-out sober recovery. If you've stopped drinking and abusing drugs, that's only half the battle. The very BEST part of recovery happens when you attack your addiction from within. This episode will help you uncover what's preventing you from enjoying your sobriety. When you remove these blocks from your changes everything. 

Aug 26, 2017

In this episode we're going to answer a question you've been asking for your entire life... We'll take a closer look at what "surrendering" actually means & the critical role it plays in sobriety. As we battle our egos (a constant threat in recovery),

Aug 17, 2017

This podcast is Part 1 of a two part series on realizing and eliminating our greatest enemy. How can one find peace and security when our ego is controlling the show? Learn how to begin this ‘unselfing’ thus opening the door to achieving the goals you have set in life.

Jul 31, 2017

How can you be a better person than your own character permits? The answer is simple: you can't! If your character was built using poor's going to be weak. You will be easily overtaken by passions and unhealthy dependencies. Luckily, there is a way improve and strengthen your character–and the outcomes of doing so are absolutely incredible. Listen in to learn more (and don't forget to give the original Emotional Sobriety episode a listen)!

Jul 6, 2017

This podcast will teach you how to turn any kind of bad situation you might face–into a reward. Learning this simple exercise is key to unlocking a prosperous life. Listen now to the first extended-length, special edition episode from The Recovery Effect!

Jun 25, 2017

Requirements have a powerful way of limiting our happiness and harming our relationships. This podcast will help you examine the profound Recovery Effect that occurs when you become a “no-requirement person.” Listen today and find out how your life can change!

Jun 13, 2017

Everybody knows how to declutter their closet, but have you ever decluttered your life? By removing the excess and obstacles that build up in our lives over time, you can find more joy, peace, & comfort in your daily routine. Find out more by listening to this podcast!

May 29, 2017

This podcast will help answer some questions on why we feel so disconnected and alienated from not only the world but also from other human beings. We will understand why identification is so important and how to use this to better connect to our surround

May 21, 2017

THE TOPIC: It's not about being on the right or wrong path, what matters is how you travel the road in front of you.  

THE BIG QUESTION: Who among us addicts and alcoholics has not brought pain into the world?

THE STORY: I was able to go back on my road and clean up a $300 "wreck" I had caused 15 years ago. Listen to find out how you can, too.

THE LESSON: Sober & clean or drinking & drugging–each of us will change the world for better or for worse. How will you use your Recovery?

May 12, 2017


An alcoholic lost joy from drinking 15 years ago. He knows it is wrong to do...but he wakes up each morning chasing the next drink. Why is that?

This episode unravels the age-old battle between WHAT WE WANT (vs) WHAT WE OUGHT to do. Let’s find out how to defeat the overpowering desires in our lives–no matter what that desire is–and how to never go wrong by doing what’s right.

Apr 30, 2017

"The Next Frontier: Emotional Sobriety"

The alcoholic and addict is not only dependent on drugs or alcohol. Top approval, perfect security, perfect romance...demands we place on people and life that cannot and will not happen.

Life doesn't work that way. 

In this episode we look to decipher Bill W's lesser known view on Emotional Sobriety–and the incredible risk we take when making absolute demands on life and our loved ones. Emotional Sobriety requires a great deal of humility. And if we approach this aspect of our lives with care, we can achieve emotional serenity.

Luckily, there is an exercise we can practice to achieve this special kind of sobriety: The Healing Circuit. Listen to the episode to learn more!

Apr 23, 2017

Without this principle of success a person will be completely unable to succeed at any endeavor.

With it you can move mountains...but you have to truly WANT what you're working toward. For alcoholics and addicts, this means that we must WANT to get sober and clean in order to succeed in sobriety.

Many people resist recovery once they realize how much hard work it takes to get sober. Good intentions are not enough...

This episode explores how hard we work when seeking the next drink or drug–we're always willing to go to any length to get it! Why is this? Because we WANT it.

So to get sober, the want to change your life must come first. Learn how to move the mountains in your life and really understand the meaning of...

"Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path. Those who do not recover are people who cannot or will not completely give themselves to this simple program..."

Apr 16, 2017

"I grew up with an outhouse. It wasn't cool."

Today we bring Quantum Physics into Recovery by comparing the way humans interpret sound–to the way we interpret hardship.

If a tree falls in the forest, it would only make a sound if you're present to hear the fall. Because in order for sound to be heard, our eardrum must be there to interpret the sound waves.

The same goes for hardship...

Growing up, I didn't know I grew up poor until a social worker explained that I lived on the wrong side of the tracks, that I lacked what others had.

Until then, I thought my life was wonderful. I had never heard or thought any differently. And this brought me to a crossroads...

My hardship (poverty) could be interpreted as an excuse to drink, drug, and act out (because I was just Poor Bill), or I could use it as motivation to thrive in life, to be happy and do good.

Listen to find out how the story ends, this episode will help you examine how well you respond to hardships in your own life!



Apr 9, 2017

"Everything's going to be different this time, I promise." Sound familiar?

This episode introduces the story of a man who spent his life denying his True Self in order to become a Hell's Angel.

How many attempts have you made to stop drinking and drugging, to finally make good on all the promises you've made to yourself, your loved ones, and your higher power? On the other hand, how much effort have you made to APPEAR a certain way?

You can't be a hard worker if you're lazy. You can't be a generous person if you're greedy. Principles guide our lives. Discover the vital importance of adopting good and true principles–for sobriety, life, and every decision you make–and how these principles can change your character for the better. 


Mar 30, 2017

You've heard the saying, "Half measures availed us nothing."

When it comes to staying sober, we must follow certain principles to ensure a successful recovery. Are you qualified to have a good day? Have you done what's necessary to get what you want?

This episode will help you discover which principles you are "half-measuring" to failure–and which you can adopt for success!

Mar 26, 2017

This episode touches on everything from detoxing a prizefighting alcoholic to the dangers of creating a false "Scarface" self...

Learn how to better shoulder your cross in an episode that teaches us all–alcoholic, addict, Al-Anon, or friend of recovery–how to develop a strong spiritual life.

To carry your cross is to follow a path of spiritual principles every single day. Even though we are all capable and equipped to live a good and spiritual life, more often than not–we fail at this...

Mar 12, 2017

How to turn Excuses to FAIL into Reasons to SUCCEED...

In this episode we respond to some very thoughtful advice from a close friend and listener about a powerful tool for all alcoholics, addicts, Al-Anons, and those just beginning to explore sobriety.

Learn the difference between Finding Reasons to Succeed VS Making Excuses to Fail, and also how to use this tool even in the trickiest (or most undesirable) aspects of recovery so that you can succeed at reaching your life goals.

Feb 27, 2017

Listen as we examine the role of the accuser, the accused, and the forgiver in modern society...

When we look more closely at our own personal shortcomings, we become less likely to pass judgment on others–and more likely to forgive. By exercising our willingness, it is truly possible to replace resentment with compassion.

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